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Junk Removal Services


Junk Removal Made Easy!

Our specialist are trained to remove your unwanted items properly and safely. Revell Moving creates a stress- free disposal process to ensure a timely and efficient service. 

Scheduling a service for spring cleaning, decluttering or downsizing has never been so easy or convenient with our (NO CONTACT REMOVAL SERVICE).  

How We Charge:

Our Pricing is determined based on the amount of space your items take in the van. We charge based on 1/2 of usage or a full load.


  • Contact Revell Moving to receive an estimate.

  • Fill out the Client Information Form (pictures may be requested.)

  • Accept your estimate 

  • Receive your disposal confirmation and your all set!


Ineligible Items:

  • Construction debris

  • E- Waste

  • Yard Debris

  • Hazardous Materials


​All of your junk and unwanted items are taken away in our cargo van. Large items are broken down before removal.

Our Equipment:

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