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Terms and Conditions

Hourly Rates and Fees:


Revell Moving offers hourly rates for local and flat rates for long distance moving services. The hourly rate includes trained professional movers, minor assembly and disassembly, moving equipment such as pads, shrink wrap, dollies, floor covering, door frame and railing protection. Our one-time travel fee includes a truck rental, gas, mileage and tolls. There are no additional charges for stairs or long walks. The hourly rate begins once the movers arrive at the pickup location and ends once the movers do a final walk through and sign the receipt. There is a Two-Hour minimum Mon-Sunday. After the minimum hours are reached the customer is then charged in 15 minute increments. 


Three movers are required for any move with 5 or more pieces of furniture. Three movers are a standard requirement to provide the most efficient, cost effective and protective moving service. Our movers provide protective padding for the customers furniture, entry ways doors, railings on the stairs within the home and floor coverings while moving is in progress. Our protective equipment requires 30-45 minutes to apply to the home and furniture before the furniture is moved. Three movers expedite the protection application and allow the customer to save money and time!

If the client will not be at the pick up location please advise the move coordinator upon scheduling the service. The contractual agreement must be signed and emailed to before the date of the scheduled move.


A $50 non- refundable deposit will be required for any move scheduled the last week of the month and first three days of the following month upon scheduling. The $50 deposit will be used toward the scheduled service. Deposits may be made with credit/debit or check if sent at least 1 week prior to

the scheduled service. All credit and debit card purchases will have a 3.5% surcharged applied. Services may be rescheduled based on availability. Deposits will not be refunded due to cancellation.

Overnight Storage:

Revell Moving provides temporary overnight storage in our moving vehicle at the customer's request and based on availability. 

Overnight storage can be provided for an additional flat rate based off of the customers needs. Our truck is stored and locked at our shared office parking lot located at 63 Pennsylvania Ave, Morrisville PA 19067. Revell Moving cannot guarantee the security of the clients property while being stored overnight. Overnight storage is at the discretion of the client and the client assumes all responsibility related to damage or stolen property as a result of overnight storage. Revell Moving will not be responsible for any damages or stolen items in relation to the overnight storage service. In the event of damaged or stolen property Revell Moving will contact the client immediately and make a detailed police report. All clients must sign the overnight storage agreement form prior to the service. 

Packing/Unpacking Service:

Packing and unpacking service is charged at an hourly rate based on the amount of packing specialist needed as well as a travel fee. Packing or unpacking services must be provided separately before the moving service. Packing materials can be provided for an additional cost based on the rooms that need to be packed. Packing materials must be requested at least four days before the scheduled packing service. Packing materials are provided based on stock. Clients who request packing service and materials must receive an in home estimate or send pictures of all the items that must be packed. Revell Moving is not liable for underestimation of materials if pictures are provided for an estimate. Packing materials are estimated based on the in home estimate or pictures provided by the client. If packing materials are requested the client must pay the full material estimated cost at least two days before the scheduled packing service. Clients will receive an invoice for packing materials upon scheduling. There is a 3.5 % surcharge for invoices, credit and debit purchases. Revell Moving is not responsible for additional items that need to be packed that were not originally listed. Any items that are not packed during the service will be the responsibility of the client.


If the client provides packing materials the materials must be in good condition and the client must provide all the materials need for the packing professionals to pack efficiently and protect the furniture. Revell moving may decline to pack any items that they feel is unsafe or that may not be protected. Packing and unpacking services include basic insurance and booties are provided during the service.

There are no material refunds for same day cancellation. If the invoice for materials is not paid in advance the client risks service cancellation.

Revell Moving cannot pack:


Perishable Items

Alcoholic Beverages

Electronic Equipment

Chemicals ( bleach bathroom cleaners, paint)

Movers Arrival:

Movers will call when they are 15 minutes away. If the customer does not receive a call they can call the office or email to receive an eta on the movers arrival. There can be short delays due to traffic. The movers will call the customers preferred contact number on the day of the move. If the customer doesn't respond with two attempted calls the movers will call the office. The customer has 20 minutes from the scheduled arrival time to contact the office If the office is not contacted within 20 minutes of the scheduled arrival the move will be cancelled and the customer will be charged a cancellation fee.


Scheduling Process:

If interested in receiving an estimate or scheduling moving services please contact us via our website, contact number or email address. Once contacted we will ask for details regarding your move to provide you with an estimate. All customers must fill out a Client  Information form and Inventory Sheet 

to schedule their move. Moves are not scheduled until both forms are filled out completely and the scheduling confirmation is sent. Any items not listed on the customers information form may not be moved due to truck space. The Client Information Form and Inventory Sheet must provide an accurate inventory for a more precise estimate as well as to bring the proper truck and materials to fully accommodate the move. Revell Moving is not responsible for any inventory not listed on the Inventory Sheet.

Customers will receive an email 2-3 days before the move confirming the scheduled date and time. All customers need to confirm the moving details or risk cancellation of the move.

Before the start of the move all customers are required to sign a Contractual Agreement Form agreeing to the hourly or flat rate cost, our insurance policies and that they have fully read our website and agree to all of our policies and procedures. The move will not begin until the form is signed. The Contractual Agreement is sent to every client to review in the confirmation email upon scheduling.

Moving Estimates:


All estimates for local moves are non-binding and based off of the Client Information Form and Inventory Checklist. We provide the most accurate estimate as possible.  Estimates may increase or decrease due to weather, additional inventory, long walks or other unplanned circumstances. Customers are required to pay for any additional time if it exceeds the estimate and may stop the move if it takes longer than budgeted. Revell Moving is not responsible for items that cannot fit into the truck due to inaccurate inventory.

Breaks and Rescheduled Moves:


Any breaks taken during the move will be deducted from the moving time and will be reflected on the receipt. The earliest arrival is 9 am and no moves are scheduled after 3 pm. Service providers can work up to eight hours to complete a move. After eight hours the movers have the right stop the move and reschedule the remaining of the move for a later date. Service providers are not required to work past 10:00 pm.  Service providers can take up to two 15 minute breaks within an eight hour work period. Customers who need to be rescheduled due to the eight hour time limit will be required to pay for any applicable fees to complete their move.

Items we cannot move:
Flammable Materials ex. Propane tanks, lighter fluid, gasoline
Piano's (Case by case basis)
Live Plants (Without release of liability)
Stand up Gun Shelves
Medications (If not properly boxed)
Specialty Items  ex. pool tables, hot tubes

Hoist furniture
Grand Father Clocks

Waterbeds (not broken down)


Items we cannot disassemble:
Exercise equipment 
Reclining chairs or sofa's

Mechanical Bed frames

Hospital Beds


We do not:


  • Tow vehicles of any kind

  • Remove anything from off of walls ex. Pictures, mirrors

  • Provide TV installation or mounting

  • Hoist items of any kind

  • Unplug or disconnect appliances or anything from walls

  • Work on roofs or balcony’s

  • Screw, plug in or place anything on the foundation of a home

  • Drive on lawns or grass areas without customer permission and a release of liability


We do not provide service for the following: Mold, Infestations of any kind and foundation problems, unsafe work conditions due to weather or unclean working environment.

Parking and Permits:

Customers are responsible to provide ample parking space and permits if necessary on the day of the move. Any tickets or fees acquired during the move due to parking of the moving vehicle will be the responsibility of the customer and will be added to the final bill.


Payments are to be paid in full after the completion of the move regardless of damages or any discounts that will be provided. We accept cash, check and credit. There is an additional 3.5% surcharge fee for credit and debit card payments which is added to the total bill. Invoices can be sent on a case by case basis and a fee of 3.7% will be applied. Every customer will receive a detailed receipt after the move is complete.

Payment is calculated from the time the movers arrive to the job until the completion of the move and the final paperwork is completed. 

Revell Moving contracts with U haul and Penske to provide various truck sizes to fit the clients' needs. We provide 15',17',20',24' and 26' trucks based on customers moving needs and availability.

Loading/Unloading Services:

Loading services can be requested for pods, storage and various other needs. With load only services customers are responsible to provide their own pads for the protection of the furniture. Shrink wrap can be provided and left on the furniture after the loading service.

Revell Moving is not responsible for any damages found when unloading a truck, storage unit or pod that was previously packed. Any damages found due to improper packing of the truck will be discussed with the customer. The movers can deny unloading services if they feel the damages will be indistinguishable.

Interstate Moves:

All interstate moves are structured as 

a flat rate. All of our interstate moves include:


Truck Rental Fees




Two professional movers 


Moving equipment such as pads shrink wrap and dollies

Loading and unloading / minor assembly & disassembly

Contractual agreement for both parties

Revell moving can provide a free in home estimate. After we provide the in home estimate if agreed we will send a detailed contractual agreement based off the services being provided. All agreements are binding.

All customers that require a 26ft. truck for their interstate move will have the option to get a smaller truck or trailer in addition to the 26 ft. truck if all the items cannot fit. A 26ft. truck is the largest size truck we have available. Customers will be responsible for any additional items that cannot fit in a 26ft. truck if they deny an additional truck or trailer to remove any left over items.

A partial down payment is required for all interstate moves one week in advance with either cash, check or credit. The balance of the move will be due after the completion of the move. Any customer who does not pay the down payment risks losing their scheduled moving date.

Revell moving does not truck share! No Hidden Fees!  All items are delivered on a specified date. 

Items can be stored on the truck

on a case by case basis for a short period of time for an additional fee.

During time of delivery customers have the option to provide the movers with a key so they have access to unload upon arrival, make sure someone is at the drop off location to provide the movers entry or be charged a waiting fee of $100.00/hr. for the customers to arrive at the drop off location. These details will be discussed prior to the move.

Packing and unpacking services:

Packing services are priced based on the hourly cost of movers needed. Customers can provide their own packing materials or Revell Moving can provide packing materials at an additional cost based off the needs of the customers.

Any packing materials provided by Revell Moving and not used by the customer will be deducted off the final bill. A deposit may be requested to provide packing materials.

During time of delivery customers have the option to provide the movers with a key so they have access to unload upon arrival, make sure someone is at the drop off location to provide the movers entry or be charged a waiting fee of $100.00/hr. for the customers to arrive at the drop off location. These details will be discussed prior to the move.

Liability & Damage:

Revell Moving Co, by default offers Released Value Protection at no cost to the client. Released Value Protection covers the cost of .60/pound of any damaged item(s). Additional Insurance may be purchased in advance at the request of the client. The client has 10 business days following either the date of delivery or the date on which the shipment is delivered to file a claim. By bringing a claim, the Company has 30 days to acknowledge receipt of it. The damage must be resolved within one week from the date the claim is made or the settlement agreement is emailed to the client, which ever comes first. The Company will use any reasonable means to investigate Client's claim. Client agrees Revell Moving Co. shall not be held responsible for normal wear and tear on residence resulting from moving items, and will hold harmless for any property damage including damage to the connections, walls, and/or floors. Revell Moving  is not responsible for the contents of any box it did not pack, opened boxes and items that should be boxed or crated that I chose not to. I agree Company's responsibility only extends to items while under its care and custody and Company’s responsibility terminates when it leaves the premises and/or after it loads and/or unloads my transportation. Revell Moving will only be responsible for the cost of the third-party repairs as agreed upon between Revell moving and the third party. Any additional repairs will be the client responsibility. Revell Moving is not liable for any third-party companies or the final product of work. Client assumes all risks for third party repairs to the damaged property. Liability for damages shall not exceed the final cost of services under any circumstance. Damages may be less or equal value to the final cost of services owed. SUBJECT, in addition to the foregoing, to the further following limitations on the Carrier’s liability: The duration of any move will depend on various factors: Quantity of goods, distance or unexpected delays between locations (i.e., traffic, road hazards, construction, etc.). If the move requires more time than the expected delivery spread the client will continue to be responsible for the additional time required.

• The Carrier’s maximum liability shall be the either actual DEPRECIATED VALUE or REPLACEMENT VALUE for loss or damage as elected by the Shipper on the face hereof, not exceeding the amount declared by the Shipper on the face hereof.

• Where replacement or total loss payment of a damaged article(s) is made by the Carrier, they at their sole option, have the right to salvage of the damaged article(s).

• In the event of loss to any article or articles which is/are part of a set, the measure of loss to that article or articles shall apply only to the value of the piece or part that incurred the loss giving consideration to the importance of said articles, but in no event shall that loss be construed to mean loss of the total pair or set.

• The Carrier shall not be liable for "Ready to Assemble Furniture" made of engineered wood and paper laminate finish, such as furniture manufactured by; Ikea, Walmart, Target, etc., due to the inherent risk and sub-standard structural integrity of this type of furniture.

• The carrier will not be liable for any tv’s or electronic equipment that is not placed in its original packaging.

• If the previous client's job conflicts with the scheduled time as each job varies.

• Time to disassemble or reassemble furniture, appliances, and mounted goods. 

Packing and unpacking services:

Packing services are priced based on the hourly cost of movers needed. Customers can provide their own packing materials or Revell Moving can provide packing materials at an additional cost based off the needs of the customers.

Any packing materials provided by Revell Moving and not used by the customer will be deducted off the final bill. A deposit may be requested to provide packing materials.

Track Your Load:

Revell Moving is now offering "Track your load" for long distance moving services. After your moving truck is loaded you will

receive a text with a link to track your moving truck. This will offer piece of mind when moving your items long distance and you can track when the movers will be arriving to your unloading location. 

Cancellations/Late Arrivals:

Revell moving does not require a deposit to schedule so we ask for as much notice as possible for any cancellations. If there is more than one cancellation to any one move a deposit may be requested to reschedule. Same day cancellations will result in a $50 cancellation fee. Customers can reschedule based on time and availability with as much notice given as possible. Revell Moving may ask to reschedule a move with advanced notice in the event of severe weather conditions. Customers must let the office know immediately if they need a later or earlier arrival time. RM will try to accommodate last minute changes but it may not be guaranteed.

Afternoon Scheduled Moves:

Any customer scheduled after another move will receive a two hour arrival window based off the completion of the first move. Movers will update the customer on the time frame of arrival. There can be a delay of the time of arrival based off the circumstances of the first move. All customers scheduled in the afternoon must be prepared for an earlier or later arrival.

Delivery/Assembly Service:

Delivery and assembly serviced is an hourly rate based on the services needed. Payment must be made in full upon scheduling delivery. Additional fees apply to additional service upon request. A delivery form must be signed after every completed delivery. Revell Moving is not responsible for any deliveries after the paperwork is signed. The customer must check the delivery before signing the paperwork. All fragile deliveries must be listed as so before the delivery. All furniture that requires assembly must have detailed directions and all pieces before assembly can begin. Revell Moving does not assemble specialty items such as pool, tables, water beds, cribs or exercise equipment. Customer must look over all furniture after assembly is complete. Revell moving is not liable after the final paperwork is completed.​

Free Room Rearrangement:

If you spend $1000.00 or more on moving services you receive one free room rearrangement. Offer expires 1 year from the date of the service.

This offer: applies to the client listed on the service contract, cannot be redeemed after the expiration, exchanged for any other service, can only be used at the location on the service contract, redeemed during normal business hours based on availability and is limited to a one hour service. 

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